It's the only trophy in sports that isn’t recreated each year: The Stanley Cup. It's 121 years old, 36 inches high, and weighs 35 pounds and is primarily kept track of by a game named Phil Pritchard, the keeper of the Cup. The Cup is in town for a bit of a media tour this morning.

It started in 1989. Pritchard was on his first week at a new job working for the Hockey Hall of Fame when he was asked to take the Cup north of Toronto, and up to Colin Patterson, then a member of the NHL champion Calgary Flames. “I kind of sheepishly put up my hand and it went from there,” Pritchard said. “I really haven’t put my hand down since I guess. [But] to be that close to what is the greatest game in the world is pretty special.”

At that time there was no precedent for players taking a turn keeping the Stanley Cup. Now the winner of the NHL championship keeps the Cup for much of the summer. The Cup then travels for nearly 300 days of the year", according to Men's Journal.

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