Fathers Day is here and the scramble for last minute gifts is on! But before you spend your money, is that a gift that dad really wants?

I am the father of three little boys and as much as I love them, I need a break every now and again. This weekend I have asked to get a couple of hours to clean out the garage and maybe organize some tools.

In a recent survey, the top thing dad does not want was:

...clothing, with 32.6% of the surveyed dads saying they weren’t into the idea. The survey found that 46% of people buy clothes as Father’s Day gifts.

You can see the full results of the survey provided by Coupon Lawn at the link below. Per Coupon Lawn, Americans will waste a whopping $5.23 BILLION on gifts that dads don't actually want!

There is no replacing a homemade gift from the kids. Pictures of the family, and a tool or two are always welcomed! I really enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and perhaps some bacon to start the day and and ice cold beer to wrap it up!


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