What's the best wedding entrance songs for the church? Looking to go down the church aisle in style at your wedding? There's a little something for everyone here if you don't want to do the traditional and beautiful slow stroll down the aisle to your groom. Some of these are heartfelt, some of these are dance parties, but they're all unique and you don't see them often.

Here's some of the best and most creative wedding entrances that we have ever seen.

  • 1


    This was a party before the bride even walked down the aisle. Even the father of the bride did the 'horse' all the way down to drop off his daughter.

  • 2

    Marry You Circus

    We're not sure if they're getting ready for a wedding ceremony or the opening act of the circus. I'm pretty sure nobody will beat this one in terms of toughness.

  • 3

    The One That Started It All

    This one was done nearly 7 years ago and it may be one of the first best entrance songs of all time. The dancing is great and who would have thought this was going to happen?

  • 4

    The Entire Church

    This one still confuses me. I'm pretty sure everyone, including the guests just start going crazy and dance.

  • 5

    Look At Me

    We saved this one for last because it's the one that stands out the most. It's not a production, it's not over-the-top. This one will pull at your heart. The groom's face says it all.

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