Can you guess history's trendiest baby name?

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If you guessed Mary, you were so close. Mary is the second trendiest name in history, and the most popular. But popular and trendy aren't the same thing.

It turns out Linda is the trendiest name for babies, throughout the last 400 years.

According to Brit+Co, "Using the US Social Security Administration database, chemometrics [were used] to measure name trendiness based on both the peak popularity (as a percentage of US births) as well as how long that name remained popular. In 1947, Linda had its heyday, accounting for 5.48 percent of all baby girls born that year and dethroning Mary, which held the top spot for the previous 400 years."

The article states that Linda reached its peak popularity from 1947 - 1952. Basically every little girl born in this era was named Linda, unless her older sister was already a Linda.

Popularity describes how widely used the name is over time; trendiness is determined not just by how many people used the name, but how fast the name rose in popularity, and stayed there.

According to the same calculation, Dewey is the trendiest male name of all time, having experienced its peak from 1897 - 1903.

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