Weekends tend to be so busy. Because we work on Saturdays, that means Sunday is filled with those weekly chores: grocery shopping, laundry, yard work, running errands, etc. Many times I end up missing the first few minutes of the Bills game because I am furiously scrambling to knock off  those "things to do" on that honey-do list.

Sometimes I am beat by the time Sunday evening rolls around. I was hoping I would have enough energy for the Acoustic show. All kidding aside, I could not wait for the show last night. It was the perfect way to relax after a busy weekend. All three of our performers were totally entertaining. Andy Gibson, Josh Thompson and Randy Houser each brought something very unique to our show last night. Three distinctly different voices with three different styles. From my vantage point from the side of the stage, it seemed like these guys were truly enjoying themselves on stage. There were several points in the show where I found myself laughing uncontrollably from the jokes that Randy and Josh were telling. These two could have their own comedy show! If I had to pick one favorite from last night, it would have to be Randy Houser. His voice is truly amazing and he really showed us what he can do with it. I also have to give props to Josh Thompson as well. He is a hell of a guitar player and a nice guy (as all three are!). Josh even went out with a few us last night for a beer after the show. What a great way to wrap up the weekend.

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