Nobody ever has time to get sick.  There's way too much to do.  But be honest, do you actually enjoy being sick?

Think about it.  When else do you have the opportunity to just sit around and do nothing?

Even on vacation you are often forced to be doing things.  Even going to the beach to just sit has it's stresses.  But when you're sick, you shouldn't do anything at all.  Your job is to just recuperate - get better.

A recent survey actually showed that 29% of people actually enjoy being sick.

Think about all the perks:

  • 1.  You get to catch up on sleep - This one is big if you have little kids.  You never get to sleep with kids.  But when you're sick, if they go to pre-school or school, you have that entire time to just...sleep!
  • 2.  Can just lay around all day - If you're an active person, laying around has a bit of a negative connotation to it.  You feel lazy.  This one isn't necessarily about sleeping, but more about just not having to do anything.
  • 3.  Binging on TV shows and movies - Falling behind a bit on your favorite Netflix series?  Everyone else is already out of the house.  The TV is all yours.  Watch away...
  • 4.  Don't have to go to work - Really, you shouldn't go to work.  So all that stuff you were supposed to do today....let someone else do it.
  • 5.  Getting some "me" time - Everyone is out of the house.  Your spouse went to work...the kids are at school.  Your time is yours.

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