If you're feeling especially stressed out, or just in need of some cuddles, there's a team of goats in Colden waiting to help.

And, it's free!

WKBW reports the Rowandale Farm in Colden is offering free goat therapy.

"We basically offer cuddle time with the goats," farmer Alice Clarkson told WKBW.

Cuddly, curious, goats make for ideal partners for activities.

"We do painting with goats, we do goat yoga, we teach all kinds of different classes from gardening to canning," said Clarkson.

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According to WKBW, Rowandale's mission is "to teach healthy living through a direct relationship with the natural world."

"Something incredible happens with your immune system when you're outside. And especially when you're outside in a place where you don't feel stress. And with these guys you end up feeling healthy, you end up feeling better," said Clarkson.

People of all abilities are welcome, WKBW reports a new barn and path for power wheelchairs is being built.

Learn more about visiting the goats here.

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