Well this would definitely change how you put up Christmas decorations in the house. This tree, the pre-lit Emerson Grow & Stow Christmas Tree, has everything covered for you except putting on the ornaments. The website says is has,

"Quick set pole to pole electrical connection means you only need to plug in one cord. Its Simple Shape feature allows the branch tips to spring into shape. Use the foot pedal and remote control to control your tree with ease. Have your choice of light color and tree height between 6-9 ft."

I can say that as much as I LOVE having a live tree during the holidays sometimes having a pre-lit one is so much easier. The one thing that I always disliked about the artificial trees is that you always cut up your hands fluffing them to get their shape back. With this is just one touch of the foot.

It looks like multiple vendors now have this tree and you can search multiple home goods stores to find the one closest to you. Christmas is just months away and it's never too earlier to get started!

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