You see so many people relying on cashless forms of currency that it makes you wonder, “Does anyone even carry cash anymore?” 

So few people pay with cash anymore, but there are at least 12 professions in Western New York that pay you in $1 bills.

I never used to carry cash, until I started bartending part time. Now I carry cash on me (usually $1 bills), and it’s a good thing I did, because I found myself in trouble in the Wegman’s checkout line.

My grocery total came to $75.91, and as I stood there in front of the cashier, I realized I had left my wallet at home (I know, a BIG no no). 

Thankfully, I was able to fish out 76 $1 bills from my purse and pay for my groceries. (Another big sorry to the sweet girl behind the counter who had a ton of patience during my count to 76). 

However, I realized that when you pay with 76 $1 bills that just happen to be in your purse, the people behind you in line may suspect that you have rather...spicy weekends, if you know what I mean, but there are a dozen careers in Western New York that would allow you to pocket a lot of $1 bills.

Bartending is only one of them. 

12 Jobs In WNY That Shockingly Pay In $1 Bills

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