Pickup trucks sure have come a long way and among the comfort, fuel economy and pulling power, there is a new technology that is way overdue and coming to an eight foot bed near you.

At least one manufacturer is helping to remove the guessing game of how much weight you are hauling in the bed of your truck. This may also save a whole bunch of time for anyone who works with their truck. Imagine not having to wait in line for a scale to open the next time you are picking up a load of stone, mulch or scrap!

I think this technology is way overdue! If you are a landscape contractor, this is a game changer. You can be very specific about the weight and even prove to customer just how much they are getting when they pay you. It may also help prevent overloading your pickup and risk a breakdown.

We are very lucky to have two great auto manufacturing plants in the Buffalo and Western New York area. Not only does is allow for great career opportunities, but it is great to know that we are a part of the automotive future! The industry is going through incredible changes from an emissions standpoint. As the new EV power rules go in to effect, it may mean additional jobs and perhaps new opportunities for the region.

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