This is pretty cool!

The Minibar Mobile is a new bar that will come be the perfect addition to any event that you are having. When we first saw the Minibar Mobile on Instagram, the first thing we said was "that is a very Buffalo, NY thing and people are going to love it".

When you are throwing a party the most important thing is the bar and the drinks that are being served. Whether it be a wedding, shower, corporate event, or a local festival, this Minibar is one of those things that will stand out to guests. There are three different taps right on the bar, too so you can choose your options.

The Minibar Mobile is fully insured and can be rented at venues that provide their own alcohol services + bartenders for both indoor and outdoor events", according to their website.

When you are ready to book the bar to come to your next event, you just have to fill out a few details like who, what, where, and when and then pick your package. On their site, you can pick from 2 different options: Mini Event and Major Event.

  • Mini Event  - 3 hours of the bar, for 50 guests or under and the pricing starts at $650.
  • Major Event - 4 hours or more, for more than 50 guests, and the pricing starts at $1,000.

Both include napkins, drinkware, ice, CO2 tanks, set up, and delivery. There are also a ton of add-on options for you as well.


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