Well, it's one way to be a part of Major League Baseball in Buffalo!

Even though the Buffalo Bisons will be roaming to New Jersey for the start of their season, they are still hiring at Sahlen Field.

And while there's been no official word on when the Toronto Blue Jays will migrate to Buffalo, as they did last season while the international border was closed due to COVID-19, preparations are already underway at Sahlen Field.

WKBW reports the Bisons are hiring seasonal workers for the ground crew at the Buffalo stadium. As well, there are open positions for "cashiers, cooks, porters, stand managers and commissary workers."

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While the Bisons begin their season in Trenton, Sahlen Field will be undergoing facility upgrades, seemingly in preparation for the return of Major League Baseball to Buffalo.

WKBW reports the main upgrades include:

  • Moving the bullpens off the field and behind the outfield walls
  • New batting cages built beyond right field
  • New weight room and renovated clubhouse facilities
  • LED light bulb replacements plus two additional temporary lighting poles

The renovations are a joint venture between the Bisons and Blue Jays.

According to WKBW:

Officials say no date has been set for a Blue Jays move to Sahlen Field, the Blue Jays will communicate updates as they are available.


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