Most of us, by now, have heard about Jason Aldean's drunken night on the Sunset Strip, where he was caught kissing a woman by the name of Brittany Kerr.  Jason (who is a married man) admitted that he had too much to drink and that the party got way out of hand.  Aldean also mentioned in a Facebook apology, that he left alone and continued on his tour the next day.  A lot of the heat has been put on Jason Aldean because he's a married man, and rightfully so.  My question is why is Brittany Kerr let off the hook.  It seems as though Aldean is taking the majority of the fault here and that's not right.

I did a lil web searching on Brittany Kerr and what I came up with is that she's a "fame chaser."  The girl clearly wants to be a super star celebrity or hang/eehhemmm, with them.  Here is why I say she's a "fame chaser."

1. Kerr was a Charlotte Bobcats cheerleader- Nothing says "I want some of the lime light and want to be around high-paid people" more than being a cheerleader.  Many pro sports rules state that there is no fraternizing with players, but we all know a story of a cheerleader or 2 that has clearly broken that rule!

2. Kerr tried out for the 11th season of American Idol.  Of course she did, that's where wanna be stars go.  Those who have an ounce of talent and good looks have a shot.  Kerr has both of those.  She's a Carrie Underwood look-a-like.  She's dying to be a star.

3. Kerr wants stardom so bad that she tried out for a Victoria's Secret model search.  She's trying to break into the biz somehow.  I guess you have to give her credit.

MY POINT- Jason Aldean was wrong in what he did.  He's a married man with an awesome career.  In his defense.....What is a guy supposed to do??  Testosterone is surely not on your side in that situation.

Aldean's at a bar after a show.  Some hot ex-cheerleader, Carrie Underwood look-a-like model/singer starts talking and flirting with you. (See pics here....Brittany Kerr is HOT)  It's a hard situation, especially when drunk.  Who knows how hard she pressed Aldean for a lil sugar??  All I can speculate is that Kerr is a "star/fame chaser", who seems to be willing to do what it takes to get ahead even if it means being a home wrecker.

Just remember married guys- no matter how much you've had to drink...Don't do it!