The London Olympic Games are officially underway after a four and a half hour opening ceremony spectular.  Queen Elizabeth II declared the Games of 30th Olympiad officially open. 

In addition to the pagentry, the standard parade of nations, speeches and lighting of the Olympic cauldron, the London games also included a spoof that the queen agreed to - a video that made it appear she was parachuting from a helicopter into Olympic stadium with James Bond.
The opening ceremonies were almost a history of the British Isles from a mainly agricultural land to industrial giant and at one time the most powerful country in the world.  It also acknowleged its history of literature, art and music.

The evening concluded with Paul McCartney and the songs "The End" from the Beatles Abby Road album and "Hey Jude."

The $42 million open ceremony was directed by Danny Boyle of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and ‘Trainspotting’ fame.

Three local athletes are among the Americans competing in London this year.  Fredonia's Jenn Suhr is a pole vaulter.  She won a silver medal in Bejing four years ago.  Jake Kaminski of Elma is on the U-S archery team.  And Matt Anderson of West Seneca is one of the players on the U-S vollyball team.