The weather sure feels like early February, across much of the country.

The Midwest and northeast were blasted by a massive blast of Arctic air this week, which have brought negative wind chills to many states, including New York state. Even Texas saw an ice storm this week.

The snow has also been a huge storyline this week, particularly off Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Snow squalls and lake effect snow bands have impacted regions of the state off of both lakes and nobody was hit harder than those around Oswego, New York.

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Oswego is one of the snow capitals of the northeast and Oswego saw some wild lake effect snow this week, which even brought the more rare "thundersnow."

Thundersnow can be heard loud and clear from this video, which shows how massive this lake effect snowstorm was.

This video from Michael Pagnanelli of SUNY Oswego.

The temperatures will be in the single digits, with negative wind chills. There is a silver lining to all of this, which is the temperatures will rise considerably next week, which will bring some spots to the 40's...a much welcomed change for the month of February.

There's even the chance for 50-degree temperature readings during the middle portions of next week, with a 47-degree high forecasted for Buffalo, New York next Thursday.

Lake Erie and Lake Ontario still have open water, which has caused the extended threat of lake effect snow.

We still have roughly six more weeks of winter and to say it has been a brutal winter season, would be an understatement.

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