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You’ve probably watched cable television over the years and have heard the term, “America runs on Dunkin’.”

That is a reference to Dunkin’ Donuts, which is a hugely successful chain of donut/coffee shops in the northeast and Midwest. Here in Buffalo, we do have them around and it does have customers in Western New York…but this region is definitely a Tim Horton’s area.

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There are dozens of Tim Horton’s locations throughout Western New York. The Canadian-based chain of coffee shops is a staple in Canada, as well as border cities such as Buffalo and Detroit.

Tim’s is making its way into more states and regions, however. In fact, they are about to go into uncharted waters soon with a North Texas location.

Dallas Business Journal is reporting that Tim Horton’s is planning its first North Texas location in 2024. This comes after last year’s monumental opening in the Houston area. This location will be along State Highway 121 — just north of Dallas.

Believe it or not, Tim Horton’s is planning 40-50 franchisee locations in Houston over the next five years. That means the Canadian and Buffalo favorite will be a staple in the state of Texas — which is hard to believe since it’s such a northern state of mind company.

Tim Horton’s thrives on quick service. It’s popular items include coffee and breakfast, which are quick and ready to go when people are heading off to work or out for lunch.

Tim Horton’s is going nationwide. Not just a Buffalo or Canadian chain anymore.

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