Every morning, you probably go to the same place to get your caffeine fix.  If you're looking for a new place to try for your coffee, may I suggest Wonder Coffee?

We tried this place out a couple weekends ago just for something to do and really loved it.  If you haven't tried out Wonder Coffee yet, you might want to check it out this weekend.

It's right over by Riverworks on Ganson Street.

We were just stopping in for drinks but are still kicking ourselves for not trying the food (and we were there weeks ago).  They've got waffles!  These things looked amazing too.  They're made from scratch and can be eaten for any meal...from breakfast to lunch or even dessert!

They've got everything from specialty coffees, protein shakes, and smoothies to specialty waffles.  From chicken & waffles to waffle ice cream sandwiches and even mini waffles that they call "Little Wonders."

With plenty of tables inside and a few more intimate settings outside, it was perfect for a date.  And to make it even cooler, the outdoor seating is enclosed with old shipping containers.  They're stacked around the outside and they've even made some seating inside some of the containers to give you a more private experience.

It was really cool.  As I mentioned, we were only there for a little bit to grab some drinks on our way into the city but if you're looking to try a new place, I totally recommend you stopping by.  Maybe you've got an afternoon planned at Riverworks, or you're heading to Canalside, stop by and give them a chance.  I think you'll be back.

Looking For A New Place For Coffee? Try Wonder Coffee

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