According to, it was today back in 2008 that the Zac Brown Band released their first major label studio album.  I say major label album because there were 2 others (Far From Einstyne and Homegrown) that were released before 'The Foundation'.  But there's no doubt that this is the one that put the Georgia band on the map.

Of course one of the biggest songs on that album was almost licensed to another band.  "Chicken Fried" is a hit that has long been a staple at a Zac Brown Band show.  But it was almost a hit for the band "The Lost Trailers".  Zac had a change of heart just before it was released to BNA records and decided not to license it to them and to keep it for himself .  It was a very smart decision. The song turned out to be the first #1 hit for the band and kickstarted a string of top 5 hits.

Of the five singles that were released from this CD, only one didn't top the charts.  "Whatever It Is" topped out at #2.  But then "Toes", "Highway 20 Ride" and "Free" all followed in "Chicken Fried's" footsteps.

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