Who do you trust?  According to the people who took a Reader's Digest poll, actors are very high on the list of the most trusted people in America.

As a matter of fact, four of the top five people were actors, with Tom Hanks leading the pack.

Top 10:

1 Actor Tom Hanks

2 Actress Sandra Bullock

3 Actor Denzel Washington

4 Actress Meryl Streep

5 Poet Maya Angelou

6 Director Steven Spielberg

7 Microsoft boss Bill Gates

8 TV host Alex Trebek

9 Philanthropist Melinda Gates

10 Actress Julia Roberts

My question is, how do you trust an actor? They are people who are paid to make you believe something even when it's not the truth! And if they're good actors, they do a really good job of it.

The sad part is that almost no one trusts our politicians. Our own president came in at number 65 on this list, while his wife, Michelle Obama, was at 19.

Participants were asked to rate people on a scale of one to five, from not trustworthy to extremely able to trust.

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