The summertime heat will be real this Sunday as we close in on 90 degrees for Fathers Day.

If you live in an upper apartment or if the upstairs of your home is way too hot at night, sleeping can be almost impossible. What can you do?

There are some great tips in the article posted by But one of them really caught my attention.

Incandescent lightbulbs are the most popular light sources in America, but they actually transmit as much heat as they do light, making them a bad choice for hot weather, according to Good Housekeeping.

We grew up in a small house in East Aurora. The only relief we had was a box fan that was loud and annoying. We would try to camp out back in a tent as much as we could in the summertime. Not only was it a cool getaway, it felt like a mini vacation every night!

Fathers Day weekend is also the first weekend of summer 2020. Stay cool and enjoy time with your dad and the family!


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