He's the reigning ACM Entertainer of The Year. He's also the host.

His album, Crash My Party, soared up to being #1 in the country and sold over a million copies. His past 10 singles have peaked at #1 or #2 and have all been certified platinum or gold. Not an easy accomplishment.

Country Megaticket you go out and buy every year? This summer is ranked the most in-demand year for that ticket. Why? A good part of that would be
Luke Bryan, and he's probably going to have a sold-out tour this year. So far, he already does.

Is it his looks or his music? Maybe both, but it helps that Luke is just as normal as the everyday working man. He loves NASCAR, loves being home with his kids and dog, likes to hunt and goes through tragedy and mourns just like you and me.

To think you probably missed him at the Taste Of Country a few years ago might kill you, huh?