It got ugly quick on Thursday afternoon around Western New York. The skies turned black yet the winds were calm as we received a tornado warning on our phones.
It was around 4 on Thursday afternoon and I took the boys for some ice cream around the corner from our house when we got the alert.
A tornado warning is not something that we are used to around Hamburg. Yes, we have had our share of nasty storms and even a tornado a few years back. But when the alert went out on Thursday, I hustled the family home and headed for our basement with the dogs.
Thankfully, nothing happened in our area of Southern Erie County.
The same does not appear top be true in the area around Portland,NY as damage consistent with tornadoes was spotted by Chanel 4 News.
The National Weather Service will have to make the final call as to whether or not it actually was a twister. But the damage sure is intense and you can't help but feel bad for those involved.

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