Western New York is truly a unique place. Yes, we have the best fan base in the NFL with the Bills Mafia and our chicken wings are simply the best on the planet. But there are so many other great reasons to love this area and large retailers and businesses are starting to recognize that as well.

Everyone has their favorite grocery store or the place you shop at more frequently than the others. But over the past few years, there have been more options available than there were when you were a kid shopping for food with mom or dad. The newest store with a plan to open in Western New York seems to have an eye on Orchard Park. At least according to some social media and local social sites and posts.

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According to this post, an employee at the Trader Joe's in Amherst says that "scouts" may be looking in to Orchard Park!

I prefer to shop at the locally owned places whenever I can. My wife and I support the small stores near us and do the majority of our shopping at The Market in the Square. But I shopped at some of the larger, national stores in the past and can see why some choose to shop them.

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