The winter is here and typically, that means that we don't see too many road construction projects in the Western New York area. But this winter has been different. The temperatures have been warm enough and with many dry days, crews are catching up on other projects in between snow storms.

We are blessed in the Buffalo area to have a quick commute. The worst part can normally be the slow down around "The Big Blue Water Tower" in the afternoon or at the 400-90 split for the morning commute. Snowy days can make for a lengthy drive. But on average, our commute is 15-20 minutes. Unless...there is construction. One project was just finished a busy stretch of Transit Road.

This is great news for those going up and down the north-south road. Transit Road seems to be getting busier every year! As more homes are being built in the Depew-Lancaster-Elma area, and more business pops up, there are hundreds more cars on the road. Combine that with the up and down weather we get and rest assured, Transit Road will need plenty of repairs in the not too distant future!

But regardless of your schedule, the biggest thing to remember is that there are women and men working in these construction zones who also want to see their families at the end of the day. Slow down or take and alternate route when you drive in the area that is being worked on.

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