The second half of the first month of 2023 is about to start and it is going to bring back some winter weather. While we have been enjoying some of the warm temperatures this January has given us, the cold air is about to take over.

The snow and cold and lake effect snow that still loom around The Empire State are expected to bring some tough driving conditions for those show drive during the early morning commute. The National Weather Service in Buffalo, New York has issued a special alert for those who live and drive east of Lake Ontario.

This is not anything we can't manage. But it seems that there are some drivers who could use a reminder to take it easy in the bad weather. Like my father always said when it comes to driving on icy roads; "you might be fine, it's the other drivers you have to worry about".

Football fans in Western New York are watching the weather very closely as this weekend will bring a major playoff game to Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park. The Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals will kickoff at 3pm. So far, the forecasts are a bit unclear as to how much snow, if any, will be falling during the game. One thing is for sure, it will be cold as the weather is about to become more seasonal this week and to start next week.

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