Trivia nights are the nights where you find out what your friends are really made of.  If you're looking for one, there are a ton of opportunities in WNY.

How smart is your friend Steve?  How brilliant is Bridget?  How much useless information does Uma carry around (I couldn't think of another name that began with 'U')?

Trivia nights are where you find out the answer to all of those questions, and a bunch more.  If you've never gone to a trivia night before, you really need to give it a try.  It's a blast.  Plus, you get to drink and eat while you're doing it.

They normally kind of work like a live game of Trivial Pursuit.  You will have a variety of categories including Movies, History, Music, TV, Science, and more.  There will be a live trivia host who will ask the questions (that are also displayed on a screen that you can see).  You write your answer on a sheet and bring it up to the host.  As the night goes on, you will gain (or in some cases - lose) points.  At the end of the night, a winner is revealed and everyone walks away smarter than they were when they walked in.

They're super entertaining and fun and again, there are tons of places that host them.

I've gone through and made a list of some of the big ones that are hosted by two of the big companies "DJ Trivia" and "Geeks Who Drink."


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