There are reports that a three day walkout is being planned at various CVS and Walgreens locations across the United States and here in New York State.

Yahoo Finance was reporting that this may affect a few pharmacies in your neighborhood or city.

The walkout, which has been dubbed "Pharmageddon" on social media platforms such as Meta's Facebook where it was largely planned, started on Monday and led to the closing of some stores in New York City, two organizers told Reuters.

Most people have their favorite pharmacy. It may be around the corner and local or one of the larger, chain-style pharmacies like a Rite Aid or Walgreens. Recent reports indicate that some of the workers at Walgreens will be walking off the job soon.

The reason appears to be to protest increased demands on understaffed teams the employees say are dangerous.

Pharmacy employees at more than 500 Walgreens locations across the country are participating in the walkout this week. reports that:

Pharmacists, technicians and support staff claim that increased demands on understaffed teams — such as administering vaccines while battling hundreds of backlogged prescriptions — have become untenable and are impeding their ability to do their jobs responsibly.

We have four kids and when one is sick, they all seem to get sick. We try to keep a healthy amount of vitamins, meds and fluids on hand to keep them at their best. The biggest challenge is getting them to keep their hands clean and covering their coughs and sneezes.

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