Sleeping sometimes feels like a luxury instead of necessity that we all need to have a healthy life. Some people spend more time trying to fall asleep than actually getting some restful zzz's. NASA is now coming in to try and save the day with a few things you can do to help create a better environment for more soundful sleep and they're talking about plants!

Yes, according to MamaMia, NASA has confirmed that having indoor plants will help you sleep and here is what they're recommending.


  • Lavender - The scent of lovely lavender has been proven to help slow heart rate and lower blood pressure. It has also been shown to ease crying babies if placed bedside.
  • Jasmine - Breathing Jasmine can decrease anxiety and help with more restful sleep.
  • Aloe vera - This actually improves air quality and it gives off oxygen at night. This is huge because it's been shown that the air quality in home isn't great! Aloe vera is also very hard to kill!
  • Peace Lily - This plant filter out toxins and it can also boost room humidity by up to 5% that helps with stuffy noses, coughing and sneezing from dry-air.

Will you be running to the greenhouse or plant section of your store today?  If something as simple as a plant can help improve your health and it looks good in your house then maybe it's a no brainer! Make sure you research the plants affects on animals before purchasing if you own a pet.


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