Since we are all wearing masks these days, you may be finding that your mask is getting funky? Perhaps that morning breath makes it unbearable to wear your mask? I have fond a quick and easy way to keep your mask and your breath fresh!

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Sure, you could wash your mask everyday and keep it clean. That seems like lots of work. Throw away masks are also an option but you'll have to keep the stash filled up. I suggest you use a piece or two of mint gum and enjoy the air you are breathing in your mask.

Simply take your mask and wrap it around a stick or two of your favorite gum. Place them in a bag or plastic baggie overnight and the next morning you will enjoy a great smelling mask and you can pop that gum in your mouth to keep your breath fresh!

Fresh Smelling Mask Hack

I noticed that when I keep my mask in my lunch box overnight it picks up the scent of things like bananas as well.
As the fall closes in and we all sort of hold our breath waiting to see what will happen next, there is no reason we should suffer with a bad smelling mask.

It may be cumbersome and annoying to wear but as I have been saying, whatever helps us get to that finish line of COVID-19 more quickly is worth the effort.

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