Coming up on July 3rd, Disney+ will start having 'Hamilton' on their streaming service. The popular play, was filmed during it's popular run last year of the original Broadway production and was originally going to be released last year in October, but was postponed.

You're probably thinking: how is this going to be on Disney+ with some of the more, "adult" scenes. Lin-Manuel Miranda AKA "Hamilton" dished out some of the details:

The film will feature the "whole show, every note & scene, & a 1-minute countdown clock during intermission."

However, there will be two slight language updates that those who've memorized the entire cast recording may notice. Because of Motion Picture Association of America rules, they could only put one "f-word" in the film and the musical had three originally, Miranda said.

He's very blunt, and it may not be safe to read while at work.

He took some time this weekend to offer answers to fan's questions, and lots of 'em!

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