Anytime a big star shows that they're a big fan of our Buffalo Bills, fans go crazy over it.  Now, one of the biggest ever may have just jumped on board.

The Buffalo Bills have had a bunch of big stars that have stepped up in the last couple of years to cheer them on.  But now, they may have one of the most well-known celebrities in the world wearing their colors.

Steamboat Willie is on the Bills bandwagon for a good cause

Today, Buffalo t-shirt maker and charity organization 26 Shirts released a new shirt design that will have Disney fans going crazy.  It's a shirt that features the likeness of "Steamboat Willy" wearing Zubaz shorts and a Zubaz hat.

Ok...they call him "Steamboat Billy" but he sure does look like a familiar little mouse that we all know, doesn't he?

Every shirt from 26 Shirts creation benefits a charity

Whenever you buy a shirt from 26 Shirts, it is tied to a charity that benefits from it's sales.  This shirt goes to support a charity to help Desmond Benimoff and his family in Orchard Park.  To learn more about the charity, click here.

How can they use Steamboat Willie's likeness without getting sued?

You might be thinking, "Holy cow, that's gutsy!  They're going to get sued by Disney."  But in this case, it's probably not so.  As of January of 2024, Steamboat Willie entered what they call "Public Domain."  Which means that anyone can use it for free.  Copyright is no longer enforced on its likeness.

Now, that doesn't mean that every version of Mickey is free game.  He does still have a ton of copyright protection.  But the Steamboat Willie version of him is free game.

So get in on it and help out this family!

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