If you went to the University at Buffalo, you know the buildings you and the road, Fillmore, Putnam and Porter. UB has announced that those will be changed very soon.

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What are the full names of each of those and why? The names of Millard Fillmore, James O. Putnam and Peter B. Porter will be removed and replaced in “efforts to recognize and dismantle systemic racism and create a welcoming environment", according to WIVB.

Some of the changes will take a little bit, but here is what we know so far:

  1. Putnam’s in the Student Union will start being called Union Marketplace & Eatery.
  2. Putnam Way will be renamed after "civil rights pioneer Mary Talbert will be honored with the renaming of Putnam Way, which will now be called Mary Talbert Way". If you went to UB, you know they have honored Mary after one of the buildings, Talbert Hall, in the 70's.
  3. The Millard Fillmore Academic Center will eventually be renamed.
  4. The Porter Quad will eventually be renamed. In the meantime, both the Millard Fillmore Academic Center and Porter Quad will be be generic until a new name is approved.

All of the changes will be reflected on all UB directories at the end of August.

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