Now that weather is turning cooler, people will soon be on the hunt for those great, warm comfort foods.

Things like grilled cheese, French onion soup, mac & cheese, stews and much more.

Another classic comfort food is pasta and really, Italian food in general is beloved by many; especially this time of the year when the weather gets colder.

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Buffalo and Western New York have a longstanding tradition of serving up great pasta, pizza and other Italian dishes that families have been going to for years.

We know about the super famous (and amazing) places like Chef's, Mulberry Italian Ristorante, Carmine's and more; but what about some underrated Italian places?

One place my wife and I love visiting is Pasquale's, more specifically, the location on Ridge Road in West Seneca. It's really not an underrated, hidden-gem but is definitely a place that gets a little overlooked when discussing Italian restaurants in the Buffalo region.

There are plenty of great spots in the City of Buffalo, but don't overlook the suburbs, as there are places locally owned that serve up terrific Italian dishes and they all don't have to be five-star dining.

Here are five super underrated Italian restaurants in Western New York that deserve a visit at some point.

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