Living in New York State most of your life, you hear the same jokes made regarding the state's attractions or lack thereof.

New York City always steals the spotlight when it comes to tourism and word of mouth. If you tell someone you're from New York, they automatically assume New York City; or they imagine New York State to just be one giant city, kind of like the city planet in Star Wars, Coruscant.

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In reality, most of New York State is countryside, farmland and small town America. There are so many hidden gems in this state that out-of-towners routinely miss because they're focused o New York City or Niagara Falls. Maybe they get adventurous and go to the Adirondacks.

But there's one region of the state that does not get enough attention and more specifically, one town that should be way more popular than it already is.

The Finger Lakes are one of the great wonders of the United States. They consist of 11 lakes that are mostly long and narrow, but offer tremendous views and things to do.

Penn Yan is probably the most underrated place in the entire state.

Penn Yan sits at the top portion of Keuka Lake, at the east branch of the lake; since Keuka Lake looks like an upside down wishbone.

The village has the feel of a port town you see in movies. Its close proximity to Keuka Lake means you can rent a boat on the lake, as well as rent the numerous lake houses nearby for a week to catch views of the lake on a regular basis.

Like many places in the Finger Lakes region, Penn Yan also has wineries to visit and its village brings you back in time with its historic look. It really does feel like you're going to a modern-day village of Atlantis, only on the Finger Lakes.

We went to Penn Yan twice and were blown away by the views and the atmosphere of this town. Watkins Glen is similar in nature but Penn Yan might have it beat on overall aesthetic.

Don't overlook this one-of-a-kind town.

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