Things are going to look a little different, very soon, when you are driving along Route 5 out of Downtown Buffalo.  The Amherst-based company Uniland, has announced that construction has begun on a 20.3-acre parcel of land in Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park.

The land, formerly owned by the Buffalo Urban Development Corporation, is set to house the first large-scale solar farm within the city of Buffalo.

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Simply put, a solar farm uses solar panels to absorb energy from the sun.  it then converts that into electricity and sends it to a power grid for distribution and consumption by consumers.

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According to a release by Uniland, the new solar farm, located at 255 Ship Canal Way, will generate electricity to power the equivalent of approximately 800 households.

Uniland CEO Michael J. Montante said:

“This is an exciting project for the City of Buffalo and future development of the region. Not only are we improving an underused property and giving it new life, but we’re doing so with a vision towards the future of the city.”

Mayor Byron Brown, who is currently seeking reelection via write-in ballot for a 5th term, and serves as Chair of the Buffalo Urban Development Corporation Board of Directors had this to say:

“The additional energy brought to the site as a result of this project make this business park a competitive and viable option for companies looking for sites in Buffalo, furthering the economic vitality of our region…This renewable energy project also complements my Administration’s efforts to attain a New York State Clean Energy Designation.”

The solar farm is expected to be operational in Spring 2022.

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