There's something comforting about camping in the same place every summer.  But if you're looking for something new, you have to see this place.

Summer just doesn't feel like summer until you've had a weekend to get away and do some camping.  There's just something about connecting with nature that gives you a different outlook on things that by us every day during our busy lives.  It can give you a new appreciation of how convenient our lives really have become too.

Is It Time For A New Camping Adventure?

If you've started to look forward to your camping trips less and less every summer, then maybe it's just time to try a new place.  Sometimes just changing the location can give you a whole different feel.  If you're looking for somewhere new and you don't mind a drive, you might want to check out this completely unique camping experience.

What Makes A Camping Spot The "Most Unique?" listed the most unique camping spots in every state in the country.  Now, in order to make sure they're unique, many of them are more than just a plot of land with a number assigned to it.  Many of these spots include spots with incredible scenery, yurts, cabins, safari tents, and even treehouses.

What Is New York's Most Unique Camping Spot?

According to this list, the most unique camping spot in all of New York State is actually a couple sites that are situated in the Catskills and the Adirondaks.  It's at a place called Eastwind Hotels.

But don't let the word "Hotels" throw you off...

They're all different, but most of these tiny cabins are wooden triangular buildings.  They include queen-size beds with luxury linens, some have decks to relax on and bathrooms!

I guess the term "camping" is a little subjective, but when you're this close to nature, it could be.





What do you think? Is this considered camping in your opinion?

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