Have you ever had a flight of beer?  How about a flight of some other kind of food?  Want to know where you can get them?  I've got a list here...

A flight can be defined as "a selection of small portions of a particular type of food or drink."  They're normally sold together so that you can compare and decide which you like the best.  Then when you come back next time, you'll know exactly what you want to order.  You don't have to get multiple full-size meals or drinks just to decide what you like the best.

It's pretty common to get flights of different alcohols.  You see it a lot at breweries or wineries.

But what other kinds of flights are out there?  If you can get a flight of drinks, why couldn't you get a flight of other things? Buffalo is crazy about our food.  We have a ton of great foods that we are famous for and our restaurants are passionate about bringing new exciting things to their patrons.

I thought there had to be, so I asked you and sure enough, as always, you came through.  There are a bunch of different flights that you can try here in the queen city.

Of course there are flights of wings.  There are tons of flavors of wings.  There are also pizza flights, flights of ice cream, margarita flights, and soup flights.  Pretty much if it's food or drink and you want to have it in Buffalo, we will offer it to you in any quantity at all.

All of these were suggestions from facebook.  I would call ahead to make sure they still have it on their menu if you are unsure.

Update:  After posting this article, someone reached out to me on facebook to point out that this is what she does on her instagram page.  She goes from place to place and checks out different flights.  Mostly they're of local beers in the area, but she also has flights of iced coffees, pickles, popcorn, and more!  Check her out on instagram at flightlog_danielle to find some of those!

Unique Food Flights Offered By Restaurants In Western New York

Unique Food Flights Offered By Restaurants In Western New York

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