The big day is almost here and you better order those flowers today! Valentine's Day is only a few days away and all across New York State the stores are filled with chocolates, cards and everything pink!

There was a recent report from that showed that the most popular candy among New York State residents this Valentine's Day is Conversation Hearts. They are pretty hard to resist and fun for just about any age to give or receive.

But it was just a year ago that there was a report circulating about the dangers of certain Valentine's Day candy. Consumer Reports Advocacy suggested that:

Consumer Reports is advising consumers to avoid buying the popular Valentine’s Day Sweethearts candy made by Spangler Candy Company this holiday because it is made with Red Dye 3, a known carcinogen. CR called on the company in a letter in January to stop making candy with the cancer-causing dye

This is an ongoing debate and is the topic of a popular rumor that circulated last fall around Halloween.

Perhaps you have heard about or read about the other states that are trying to end the use of red dye. It would affect certain candies like Skittles or Sour Patch Kids.

According to, in California, they may be closer to the end for red dye candies.

If the bill becomes law, it will block five chemicals from being used in foods sold or manufactured in the state. Each of these chemicals is already banned in the EU. Among the affected chemicals in Red 3, a food dye used in some candies. Previous research linked exposure to it to cancer in mice.


There are other foods and candies that may be affected IF New York State was to follow this law as well.

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