If you are a veteran and you're looking for something to do with the grandkids on Veteran's Day, head over to Explore & More for all kinds of fun activities.

Veteran's Day is a day to say thank you for all the people who bravely joined our military to fight for our country.  From restaurants to museums, there are tons of things that they will be able to do for free or for a discount throughout the day.

Explore & More is one of those museums that are offering to let veterans in for free on Veterans' Day.

Now if you're saying, "isn't Explore & More meant for kids?"  Yes, it is.  But what a cool way to teach them about what our heroes have done for us.  According to their website, they will have all kinds of activities to not only keep them busy, but to teach them about our veterans and to honor them.

They will also be collecting toiletries for the 914th at the Niagara Falls Airbase.  They're hoping to gather basics like soap, shampoo and deodorant to provide for the soldiers, something that has become difficult for them to obtain abroad. Everyone is encouraged to drop off toiletries or purchase some off of their Amazon Wishlist, developed in conjunction with National Fuel, here.

They want to remind everyone to visit the veterans' collage that hangs in the museum.  It's made with pictures of hundreds of our own local veterans.  See if there's someone on there that you know, and be sure to say thank you to them for their service.


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