If you grew up in New York State's Western or Central regions, then you absolutely know how stunning this state can be. Most people's perception of New York State is New York City and not the countryside, but in reality, that's what most of New York is.

The most beautiful region, or at least among the most beautiful regions, is the Finger Lakes.

The Finger Lakes are a region of 11 lakes that spread out over central New York and feature lakes of all sizes, but most are in that long and thin look that resemble "fingers."

This past week, a photo taken from the International Space of the Finger Lakes and it went viral on Facebook with a few thousand shares.

The photo is nothing short of amazing.

Every summer, my fiancée, friends and I take a lake house trip to one of the Finger Lakes and it's without a doubt the most fun I have all year.

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Keuka Lake is my personal favorite -- it's the wishbone-shaped finger lake to the left. It's also where I proposed to my fiancée!

The Finger Lakes have gorgeous views, stunning landscape, parks, wineries, breweries, and towns that are unlike anywhere else.

If you have not taken a trip to the Finger Lakes for a vacation, I highly suggest doing so. This photo from space is awesome, but it's way more beautiful from ground-level.

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