One thing that can be said about volunteer firefighters is that they are incredibly passionate about it.  Find out why they're so passionate this weekend.

If you've ever thought about becoming a volunteer firefighter, this weekend is a good time to learn more about why you should!

This weekend is Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment weekend in New York State.  Fire companies across the state will be opening their doors to show you what becoming a volunteer firefighter is all about.

Aside from helping out your community with an incredibly important job, there are tons of benefits to becoming a member of your local fired company.  So this weekend fire departments will be giving tours of their firehouses and fire apparatus You might even be able to try on gear, and check out other activities and stations throughout the firehouse. Members will be on hand to discuss the volunteer requirements and rewards that come with being a volunteer firefighter. They will also conduct demonstrations, answer questions, and give you everything you need to know about joining the department.

Companies in WNY that will be taking part in recruitment weekend include:

Allegany County

Cuba Fire Dept.64 East Main St.
Cuba, NY
(716) 378-8585April 23More Info
Belfast Fire Dept11 Merton Ave
Belfast, NY
(716) 498-6386April 24More Info
Wiscoy Rossburg Fire Company1190 Cty Rd 27
Fillmore, NY
(585) 567-8988April 23More Info

Cattaraugus County

Little Valley Volunteer Fire Department101 Third Street
Little Valley, NY
(716) 938-6646April 23More Info
Kinney Hose Company1310 Olean Portville Road
Westons Mills, NY
(716) 372-1995April 24More Info
Leon Fire Company#112194 Leon New Albion Rd
Conewango Valley, NY
(716) 296-5600April 23More Info
Delevan Volunteer Fire Company85 S Main St
Delevan, NY
(716) 492-1910April 23More Info
Ischua Fire Department5634 Route 16
Ischua, NY
(716) 557-8819April 23 - 24More Info
Randolph Vol. Fire Dept.70 Main St.
Randolph, NY
(716) 358-9300April 23More Info
Little Valley Fire Department101 Third St
Little Valley, NY
(716) 938-6646April 23 - 24More Info

Chautauqua County

Kennedy Fire Department3590 Daily Hill Rd
Kennedy, NY
(716) 267-4655April 23More Info
Sunset Bay Volunteer Fire Company #112798 Alleghany Road
Irving, NY
(716) 934-4880April 23More Info
Sheridan2800 Main Road / Route 20
Sheridan, New York, NY
(716) 679-1212April 24More Info
Chautauqua Fire Department2 Royal Way
Chautauqua, NY
(716) 357-3473April 23More Info
Stanley Hose Company Inc122 Park Street
Sherman, NY
(716) 397-3076April 23More Info
Ellington769 W Main St
Ellington, NY
(716) 287-2168April 24More Info
East Dunkirk Fire Dept10949 S Roberts Rd
Dunkirk, NY
(716) 366-2211April 23More Info
Falconer Fire Deparment115 Davis Street
Falconer, NY
(716) 665-1170April 24More Info
Mayville1 South Erie St
Mayville, NY
(716) 753-2322April 23More Info
Cassadaga Volunteer Fire Dept22 Mill Street
Cassadaga, NY
(716) 595-3131April 23More Info
Bemus Point Volunteer Fire Department13 Alburtus Ave.
Bemus Point, NY
(716) 386-6011April 23More Info
Lakewood Fire Department37 J.w. Packard Blvd
Lakewood, NY
(716) 499-3051April 23More Info
Fire Department Of Westfield20 Clinton St
Westfield, NY
(716) 326-2661April 23More Info
Forestville Fire Dept.18 Chestnut Street
Forestville, NY
716-965-4106April 24More Info
Fluvanna Fire District3536 Fluvanna Ave Ext
Jamestown, NY
(716) 483-8505April 23More Info
Portland6481 W. Main Rd
Portland, NY
(716) 792-9296April 23 - 24More Info
Sinclairville Volunteer Fire Company30 Main Street
Sinclairville, NY
(716) 338-2815April 23 - 24More Info
Gerry Volunteer Fire Department4490 Gerry-levant Rd
Gerry, NY
(716) 985-4648April 24More Info

Erie County

Lake Shore Volunteer Fire Company Inc.4591 Lake Shore Rd
Hamburg, NY
(716) 627-3522April 23More Info
Collins Volunteer Fire Company2365 Main Street
Collins, NY
(716) 542-3918April 23More Info
Blossom Volunteer Fire Company1000 N. Blossom Road
Elma, NY
(716) 544-4922April 23More Info
Woodlawn Volunteer Fire Company3281 Lakes Shore Rd
Blasedell, NY
(716) 824-2284April 24More Info
Twin District Volunteer Fire Company4999 William Street
Lancaster, NY
(716) 681-3118April 23More Info
Pine Hill Hose #52435 Genesee St
Cheektowaga, NY
(716) 896-8690April 23More Info
Rescue Hose20 Pine Ridge Rd
Cheektowaga, NY
(716) 897-1168April 23 - 24More Info
Sheridan Park Fire Company738 Sheridan Drive
Tonawanda, NY
(716) 873-1111April 23More Info
Main-transit Fire Department6777 Main Street
Williamsville, NY
(716) 632-9710April 23More Info
Crittenden Volunteer Fire Department13415 Genesee St
Crittenden, NY
(716) 937-9166April 24More Info
U-crest Fire Company #4255 Clover Place
Cheektowaga, NY
(716) 634-2633April 23More Info
East Amherst Fire Dept.9100 Transit Road
East Amherst, NY
(716) 689-1212April 23More Info
Ellicott Creek Vol Fire Company45 South Ellicott Creeek Rd
Amherst, NY
(716) 691-7439April 24More Info
North Amherst Fire Company.2200 Tonawanda Creek Rd
Amherst, NY
(716) 691-7131April 23More Info
Union Fire Company1845 Union Rd
West Seneca, NY
(716) 771-7516April 23More Info
Spring Brook Fire District #170 Pound Road
Elma, NY
(716) 652-2670April 23More Info
Akron Fire Company1 Main St
Akron, NY
(716) 783-5990April 23More Info
Elma Fire Company2945 Bowen Road, P.o. Box 3
Elma, NY
(716) 652-1674April 23More Info
Blasdell Volunteer Fire Department121 Miriam Ave
Blasdell, NY
(716) 825-4056April 23More Info
Swormville Fire Company6971 Transit Road
East Amherst, NY
(716) 688-7055April 23More Info
Newstead Fire Company5691 Cummings Rd.
Akron, NY
(716) 542-5337April 24More Info
Colden Fire Company8448 Gutekunst
Colden, NY
(171) 692-3345April 23More Info
City Of Tonawanda Fire Department44 William Street
Tonawanda, NY
(716) 692-8400April 23More Info
Clarence Fire Company10355 Main Street
Clarence, NY
(716) 517-6650April 23More Info
Millgrove Volunteer Fire Department11621 Genesee Street
Alden, NY
(716) 937-7612April 23 - 24More Info
Eggertsville Hose Co.1880 Eggert Rd
Amherst, NY
(716) 836-8942April 23More Info
Vigilant Volunteer Fire Company #1666 Main Street
West Seneca, NY
(716) 771-7479April 23More Info
Newton Abbott Fire Company3426 Abbott Rd
Orchard Park, NY
(716) 247-7763April 23More Info
Lancaster Fire Department5423 Broadway Street
Lancaster, NY
(716) 683-1901April 23More Info
Delaware Hose Company #2 (tonawanda Fire Department)74 Wheeler Street
Tonawanda, NY
(716) 909-1744April 23More Info
Scranton Vfc5395 Scranton Rd
Hamburg, NY
(716) 648-4563April 23 - 24More Info
Snyder Fire Department4531 Main St
Amherst, NY
(716) 839-5000April 23 - 24More Info
Kenilworth Fire Company84 Hawthorne Ave.
Town Of Tonawanda, NY
(716) 838-1219April 23More Info
Harris Hill Vol Fire Company8630 Main Street
Williamsville, NY
(716) 632-1199April 23More Info
West Falls Fire Company1864 Davis Rd
West Falls, NY
(716) 652-1353April 23 - 24More Info
Town Line Volunteer Fire Department6507 Broadway Street
Lancaster, NY
(716) 683-0385April 23More Info
Village Of Alden Fire & Ems Dept.13336 Broadway
Alden, NY
(716) 937-9216April 24More Info
Lake View Fire District2005 Lakeview Rd
Lake View, NY
(716) 627-3400April 23More Info
Forks3330 Broadway St
Cheektowaga, NY
(716) 683-8668April 23More Info

Niagara County

Olcott Fire Company1691 Lockport St.
Olcott, NY
(716) 778-9252April 23More Info
Wendelville Fire Company7340 Campbell Blvd
North Tonawanda, NY
(716) 693-4747April 23More Info
South Lockport Fire Company5666 South Tranbsit Road
Lockport, NY
(716) 434-4626April 23More Info
Tri Community Ambulance Service6276 Ward Rd
Sanborn, NY
(716) 731-2604April 24More Info
Frontier Fire Department2176 Liberty Drive
Niagara Falls, NY
(716) 713-1067April 23More Info
Adams Fire Company7113 Nash Rd
North Tonawanda, NY
(716) 692-3212April 24More Info
Terrys Corners Fire Company7801 Chestnut Ridge Road
Gasport, NY
(716) 434-4800April 23More Info
Barker Fire Department Inc.1660 Quaker Rd.
Barker, NY
(171) 641-7862April 23More Info

Wyoming County

North Java Fire Company4274 Route 98
North Java, NY
(585) 535-9950April 23More Info
Strykersville Volunteer Fire Company594 Minkel Road
Strykersville, NY
(585) 457-3588April 23More Info
Arcade Fire Department145 North Street
Arcade, NY
(585) 492-3947April 23More Info
Warsaw Fire Department40 East Buffalo Street
Warsaw, NY
(585) 746-9085April 23More Info
Bennington Fire Company1353 Route 354
Attica, NY
(585) 591-1525April 24More Info
Bliss Fire Department6655 Pearl Street
Bliss, NY
(585) 322-7325April 23More Info
Gainesville Fire Department2 East Street
Gainesville, NY
(585) 493-2763April 24More Info
Harris Corners Fire Company585 Route 20a
Strykersville, NY
(585) 655-3568April 24More Info
Perry Center Fire Department2821 Route 246
Perry, NY
(585) 237-6771April 23More Info
Perry Fire Department46 Main Street
Perry, NY
(585) 237-2050April 23More Info
Pike Fire Department67 Main Street
Pike, NY
(585) 493-2880April 24More Info
Wyoming Hook And Ladder Co. Inc.26 Maple Street
Wyoming, NY
(585) 495-6262April 23More Info


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