As we get ready for the fall months and cooler weather to arrive, the summer is fading away. But many are trying to squeeze as much out of summer as possible and that means more time outside!

There are plenty of things that you see on that morning or evening walk that make you wonder. "what's up with that"? But have you ever seen someone taking a slow stroll with a marsupial?

There are reports that New York police responded to a call about a person walking a wallaby!

Wallabies are illegal to own in most states including New York. The animal was taken to the Animal Care Center of New York City, while its owner received a summons for possession of a wild marsupial.

Officials say the animal is safe in protective care.

When the New York State Fair starts this week, make sure you check out the livestock areas and visit with the members of the 4H. The kids of the New York 4H clubs, and the families who farm New York, are the backbone of the state and the nation. No food!

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