There are reports to start this President's Day week that impacts just about every resident with who is a valid United States Citizen. A social security warning has been posted for New York State and is another reminder of the types of things thieves are doing these days.

There seems to be even more scams lately than ever before and the more technology we have, the worse it gets. Whether it is your bank account, or something as simple as your email account, online thieves are getting bold. But most law enforcement officials will tell you to also be careful of what information you give out over the phone.

A new scam has entered the picture here in New York State. According to reports, people have received calls from individuals claiming their social security number has been compromised. The scammers then go on to say someone from the Social Security Administration will come to their house and issue them a new number.

Police remind everyone to be careful of what information you put out.

On Friday, February 16, 2024, Albany Police received multiple phone calls from concerned citizens in regard to an individual advising them that their social security number has been compromised and that someone from the social security administration office would be coming to their residence to issue a new social security number.

Where do you keep your social security card? The Social Security Administration says to keep it at home or someplace safe that IS NOT ON YOU.

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