After watching the guy on American Idol from Buffalo, it was nice to see these two share Buffalo's GOOD singing talent. Kidding aside these two Buffalo Police Officers represented the good-hearted nature and spirit of the people of Western New York.

After being spotted at Salsarita's downtown and recorded, Ellen reached out via Facebook to Buffalo police officers Michael Norwood Jr. and Mo Badger and got a hold of them and brought them on the show last week to tape.

Back home in Buffalo, they call us the Buffalo Bad Boys, you know, because of the '90s movie with Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, Norwood told Ellen.

The duo is known for their difference in height, being Buffalo Police Officers and their charity they have headed up for kids in Buffalo called C.O.P.S.S, Children Overcoming Police Stereotypes through Sports. Ellen and Cheerios made a $10,000 donation to their foundation and presented to them on the show.

The show aired on Monday, April 1.

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