A little backstory:

For those of you that don't know I am what they call a "radio brat". I grew up in country music and more specifically country radio because my dad is in radio. I followed him around everywhere and this includes his career. This is how we came to this situation in Las Vegas where I could finally show him a photo from YEARS ago! His reaction was so great because I could see the genuine smile.

The last time I tried to give him the photo was at Darien Lake! I wasn't able to make it backstage so I handed the photo off with a note to a worker and never heard if it made it to him or not! It looks like from what he said it may have gotten to him, either way I'm glad I could finally hand it off.

It was his first ever radio show with his first band The RanchThis means he was brand new on the scene and had yet to be heard of, this was the moment that started a brilliant career! Here is the photo:

Liz Mantel
Liz Mantel

I was so nervous during the exchange for some reason but he said the moment was so vivid. I have a very vivid memory of the first time I saw Keith Urban in The Ranch. It was at the IX Center in Cleveland and he had the same stage presence he has now. His band member Jerry said to us that they have to always be ready just to stop the song because Keith will go off the stage and into the crowd and play these crazy runs and solos on the guitar. You just knew there was something special.


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