I have to say that I have fallen in love with Western New York. After bouncing from one city to another I am very happy to have settled here in Buffalo. I think it helps that it reminds me so much of my home in northeast Ohio but it also has these wonderful traditions that you won't really find anywhere else. I'm sure you can go anywhere in the country and find a fish fry but I'm also confident that you can't find the volume and quality of fish frys that you would in WNY. It was one of the things I was blown away by when I moved here. My grandma used to talk about home a couple of churches in the are would hold fish frys durning Lent but it never was a thing in Ohio. Here it is celebrated and also is a little competitive.

After four year we figured it was time for me to take the dive and give a fish fry a try. My sister, who lives in North Carolina, said that if you live in the mecca of fish frys you owe it the community to give it a try. So after that and Dale asking me enough times I finally agreed to give it a try. It's not that I don't like the idea of a fish fry, it's that I don't particularly like fish. I like shrimp and the occasional lobster but fish has never really been on my "likes" list. Dale said he was confident he could find me a fish fry I would like. Lake Erie Beach Fire Company extended an invitation to us to come out and give their fish fry a try and we graciously accepted. Their portion sizes are HUGE! You will not leave hungry!


So how did it go?

Not too bad! Dale taught me a trick too. Pour half the bottle of tarter sauce on the fish and you're good to go! LOL I will say that their sides were to die for! They were all homemade and ALL delicious.I would buy a ticket just to eat those!



It was also a nice treat to share my first fish fry with Clay and Dale. It felt appropriate to share this moment with them and it was so great that we could all go! The fact that Hank was their too was awesome. That little boy is so cute and to watch him and Dale interact was the cutest thing ever. The whole night was perfect and I can't thank Lake Erie Beach Fire Company for their hospitality! Make sure to try their Lenten Fish Fry at some point, you can get all the details HERE.


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