Who has the best fish fry in Western New York?  It's the million dollar question here.  But this Instagram page could help make it easier to decide.

What is a fish fry?

First of all, for the people who might be reading this from some other area than Western New York, and might be wondering, "What is a fish fry?" It's a meal that we eat (normally around Lent because it's a meatless dish that people can eat on Fridays) consisting of fried fish with a couple of sides.  The classic fish fry normally has a fried haddock or cod fillet that is beer-battered and fried.  On the side, there are normally sides of cole slaw, macaroni salad, potato salad or french fries, and rye bread.  But the sides can be switched out.  You can get anything from German potato salad to mashed potatoes, apple sauce, green salad, or anything else they might be offering.

Needless to say, they're kind of a big deal in Buffalo.

How do you choose who has the best fish fry?

There are a lot of different factors when it comes to choosing the best.  Who has the biggest fish?  Who cooks the fish the best?  Who offers the most sides?  Who has the best sides?

Without trying them all, how in the world will you ever know?

This Instagram page can help lead you in the right direction to your kind of fish fry

Because everyone judges them differently, you might need to see what they look like before you go to try one.  Sure, you could take someone's word for it, but wouldn't you like to see them first?  I know it won't prove how good they taste just from looking at a picture, but it will give you a better idea of what to expect.

There's an Instagram page that is perfect for this.  It's called Buffalo Fish Fry Babes.  Their mission statement says that they are on the lookout for the Josh Allen of fish fries in WNY.  It's perfect.  All you have to do is search through, find one that looks good, look in the post to see where it is, and then go out to support them.

Not all fish fries are created equal.  They all look so good.  You might need to get prepared for a little drool as you scroll.


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