One of the worst starts to the week in Western New York history left an iconic bar burned to rubble and another massive piece of local history destroyed. 

Before dawn, the iconic bar The Old Pink became engulfed with flames, deeming the building “a total loss.” Then, just a few hours later, an unexpected car collision brought down a piece of Western New York history that has been standing tall for nearly 50 years. 

Just after 2 PM on Monday, a vehicle appeared to have struck the giant cone at the Kone King, toppling the iconic landmark over. 

Firefighters reported to the scene, checking for possible injuries and assessing the building for damage. Thankfully, everyone was alright – well, except for the iconic jumbo-size ice cream cone. 

Although the giant cone is down, many people in the community are praising it for being a lifesaver to those employees. Without the cone, would there have been no injuries?

Other community members have voiced suggestions to put up concrete barriers along the outside of Kone King. That way, if someone happens to drive into the building again, they will be blocked from reaching the building and colliding with it. 

Customers are hoping that they find a way to put the cone back up at the Kone King in West Seneca. 

A resident from West Seneca wrote on Facebook, “Definitely need an exact replica of that Kone! Childhood memories of going there each summer! I’m glad everyone is okay and safe!”

There’s no telling how long it could take to put up a replica of the grandiose cone we’ve come to know, but hopefully it returns to its former glory before the end of the summer. 

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