Buffalo Bills Mafia superfan, Pancho Billa didn't live long enough to see his team make the AFC Championships.

But on Sunday, his son was there to carry on his legacy -- leading a crowd of Bills fans in a cheer.

Gino Castro, the 8-year-old son of the late Ezra Castro, brought his dad's same energy as the next-generation Panchito Billa.

Wearing the mask his father made famous, Gino seemed to possess the same ability to rally fans together.

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If you're unfamiliar with Ezro Castro's origin story as "Pancho Billa," Sean Kirst writes in the Buffalo News:

"There is the ongoing phenomenon of the Pancho story, the way a little kid in the 1980s in El Paso – challenged by his dad to choose a favorite team – looked around the NFL and picked the Bills, because their colors most closely matched the Mexican flag.


Castro was also a giant fan of the luchadores, or Mexican professional wrestlers. The Pancho Billa persona began when Castro bought a Bills luchadore mask at a "swap meet" near El Paso. He wrangled a better price from the dealer, arguing no one was in line in Texas to purchase Bills gear."

While he never lived in Buffalo, Castro was a familiar face to all Bills fans. The Transit Drive-In recently made a donation of over $9,000 to The Teacher's Desk in Castro's name, a charity that provides school supplies to children in need.

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