I think these are pretty funny....but, after looking at some of the comments on his social media pages, it seems like a lot of people don't agree with me. A lot do, but many do not.

Buffalo Police Officer Richard Hy has millions of views on all social media platforms for his “Angry Cops” brand. He is all over YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok and it is basically entertaining posts about being in the police department and his days in the military.

But, he thinks that is it costing him promotions at work, so it got us thinking: are the videos he is making reflecting a lack of professionalism?

Some people are calling in controversial? What do you think? I mean, I can see why people would think so, but it IS entertaining. In the video below, you can see him talk in a Russian accent throughout the entirety of his 'Socialism takes over Buffalo NY' video.

Is there another reason that the Buffalo Police Department would not promote him? What do you think? According to WIVB, here is what Officer Richard Hy's attorney said:

He has applied from numerous promotions over the years. But every time it appears that buffalo pd is going out of there way to overlook him and the lowest common denominator is his social media activity,” said Hy’s attorney, Adam Grogan.


According to a Buffalo Police spokesperson, the City does not comment on pending litigation.

Either way, does he even need a promotion? All of his accounts have combined millions and millions of followers so, he is probably making a pretty good buck, honestly. Either way, Mr. Hy you are pretty entertaining so thank you for the laughs!

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